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Conversion Rate Optimization

After having a newly designed website, the client quickly realized that views and impressions were up, however, conversions were not. It was not until our CRO efforts had begun, that we saw an increase in revenue after the website rebuild. 

Project Summary

A conversion rate audit was performed including heat maps, visitor recordings, and Google Analytics analysis. We soon found that many users were getting all the way to the checkout pages, but not converting.

Cart Abandonment & Email Marketing

In collaboration with the client, we created offers to be sent to clients who did not complete orders. We saw that routine sale emails with coupon codes also encouraged users thus generating an increase in orders completed.

Proven Results

After making shifts in copy, user flow, user recapture through cart abandonment offers, and a strong email campaign, we have been able to convert website visitors to actual revenue. 

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Email Marketing Sales
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