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Jessica Day

Jessica Day

Client Success Manager

Jessica is a driven leader, with years of management experience. She is passionate about building relationships and trust with clients to ensure they receive the best results possible.

About Jessica

Jessica has over eight years of management experience, beginning her career at Books-A-Million and going on to lead the operations teams of several different retail establishments. After years of retail management, she left the customer service industry to focus more on a client-driven career. After obtaining her own real estate license, she recognized the need for a stronger online presence in many of the most experienced realtors portfolio. From here she made a name for herself in the real estate industry as a trusted digital strategy advisor in top agents’ marketing campaigns.

As a student at The University of Alabama, Jessica was a staff member for the Mars Field Journal Literary Magazine, acting as both an Editor and an Outreach Coordinator. In this position she managed events with several different student-led organizations, community groups, and local businesses to raise awareness for the magazine.


When Jessica is not chasing her rambunctious two year old around, or playing fetch with her six year old rescue pup, she can be found in the library with stacks of books on all sides, or sequestered away in her office, working on her first novel. She is an avid reader, with a lofty reading goal of 100 books in 2022, and a novice yogi when she can distract her toddler long enough to get a few poses in. 

As a writer, she has spent the last decade honing her skills in both the technical and creative writing spheres. In the technical writing field she has contributed to many different medical procedural instruction manuals for hospitals in the Birmingham, Alabama area. As a creative writer, her works have been published in magazines such as the Black Warrior Review, the Mars Field Journal, and Alice.


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